October 4th | De Rode Loper | Nederlandse Dansdagen – Dutch Dance Festival

On behalf of NCPA we would like to invite you to the second edition of De Rode Loper (The Red Carpet) during the Nederlandse Dansdagen (NDD) in Maastricht. De Rode Loper brings scientific and artistic research into the spotlight. The gathering during the NDD provides an opportunity to promote and share dance research among each other.

This second edition will be centered around Vereniging voor Dansonderzoek Nederland (Dutch Society for Dance Research), with a celebration of their work in the past years. Unfortunately, this year VDO will cease to exist.

During De Rode Loper VDO will present a digital anthology out of their nine editions of the scientific magazine Danswetenschap in Nederland (Dance Research in the Netherlands). VDO will also symbolically hand over their knowledge to NCPA.

NCPA will use De Rode Loper as an opportunity to officially open and to share their digital knowledge base with the public. The knowledge base includes the articles of VDO among many other articles, and is freely available to the public.

At this special event, NDD, VDO and NCPA take the chance to highlight the need for dance research, to stimulate new research and to share and make connections.


  • Anandi van Loon-Felter, about the Medisch Centrum voor Dansers en Musici (Medical Centre for Dancers and Musicians) and her continuation of Boni Rietveld’s research into dancers’ injuries.
  • Jeroen Fabius, about the importance of research into dance education, the role of looking (the gaze) and the relationship between performer and spectator.
  • Katrina Brown, about her work as choreographer, researcher and teacher and her research into drawings and other records that performers leave as a reminder of the action.

An official invitation will follow later. 

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