Thursday February 7th 2019 14:00-18:00
Theater aan de Rijn, Arnhem

De Nieuwe Oost, ArtEZ Bachelor of Dance and NCPA organize a practice-led symposium as a follow-up to “Stylized Repetition of Acts?”. The symposium focuses on how contemporary dance and performance address the body and physicality and on how this resonates in our current society in order to contribute to multidisciplinary knowledge exchange for and with performing artists. The symposium takes place during contemporary dance festival Moving Futures in Arnhem.

What bodies are (not) represented on stage? How do makers deal with physicality? What are the meaning and the importance of the body in performance? These questions form a starting point for dialogue between theatre maker Igor Vrebac and professor of Culture & Inclusivity Liedeke Plate (Radboud University) that grounds and shapes this seminar. Their dialogue will continue with the participants during the interactive seminar. We talk, share, practice and reflect together.

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Moving Futures
Moving Futures Festival takes place at Stadstheater Arnhem and Theater a/d Rijn at the 7th, 8th and 9th of February. With performances, pop-ups, movies, workshops and (after)talks you get the chance to meet the makers of nowadays dance- and performance art, brought to you by five Dutch dance houses. Visit the Moving Futures-website for more information about the festival and the program.

Liedeke Plate
Liedeke Plate is associate professor gender studies and literary and cultural studies at the Institute for Gender Studies at the Radboud University Nijmegen. Plate researches the relation between literature, gender and cultural memory. She has is co-editor of the standard textbook Handboek genderstudies in kunst, cultuur en media (Doing Gender in Media, Art and Culture). In the past she had a career as ballet dancer in France.

Plate: “I want to draw attention to the role of art and culture in processes of normalising, questioning and deconstructing gender roles and gender symbolism, as well as in the inclusion and exclusion of people – literally, but also symbolically. I want to help direct the social debate by calling attention to the mechanisms of inclusion and exclusion in art and culture and to the artistic and cultural practices that stimulate or hinder inclusive thinking in society.”

Igor Vrebac
Born in Bosnia-Herzegovina and grown up in the Netherlands, Igor Vrebac (1986) graduates in 2012 with a degree in acting and directing at the Amsterdam University of the Arts. Since then he has performed within theatre and dance companies such as DOX and Toneelgroep Oostpool and has worked with Norwegian director Øystein Johansen on four productions between 2012 and 2015.

In 2016 he decided to take the step as a directing theatre maker and his debut Macho Macho premiered in September of the same year and received the ‘Dioraphte Best of Amsterdam Fringe’ award. After a successful tour in the Netherlands, the performance was seen in the U.K. and South Africa. In 2017 he made TRÆNS, a sexy ritual to expose the feminine and masculine. In 2018 he made HEROES, in which he concludes his theatrical quest for masculine and feminine behaviour with a tribute to women. HEROES is shown at the Moving Futures Festival. In 2018 he also got nominated as best Dutch choreographer by the Dutch Dance Festival.

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