NCPA welcomes its new partners: The Dutch Society for Dance Research (VDO: Vereniging voor Dans Onderzoek) and Rijnstate hospital Partnership Orthopedics.
In collaboration with these partners we organize activities, targeted to our partners fields of expertise and network as well as of interest for the NCPA network.

NCPA & the Dutch Society for Dance Research 
The Dutch Society for Dance Research (VDO: Vereniging voor Dans Onderzoek) was established in 1990 to stimulate Dutch research, pure as well as applied, in the field of dance. It was an initiative of several individuals (dance lovers and researchers) who wanted to create a forum for dance research in The Netherlands. The Society has a broad definition of dance research. It is not linked to any specific academic discipline and includes historical and sociological research as well as research done in theatre studies, movement sciences,  and cultural studies that has ‘dance’ as its main subject. Both academic and applied research projects are of interest to the VDO. VDO has a strong background in the Humanities. Their aim is to broaden and bridge fields of knowlegde and practices in dance and theatre and sees the partnership with NCPA as a great step in that direction.

Save the date November 16, 2015 for our mini symposium on cognition, intuition and free will in creative processes with professor dr. Marc Slors and Joao da Silva MA.

NCPA and Rijnstate Hospital Partnership Orthopedics
The aims of the Rijnstate Hospital Partnership Orthopedics and surgery is to offer high quality, patient orientated and efficient care within modern scientific standards. Patient care and science go naturally together. One of their growing specialties is the field of (elite) sports orthopedics en surgery. The team works closely with health specialists in dance education as well as international soccer and olympic sports. With the NCPA partnership they express their passion to inrease the quality of medical care for performing artists.

Save the date April 5, 2016 for our co-joint evening symposium. The topic evolves around injury treatment of the groin, with a special focus on dance and sports professionals. Specialists and para medicals will share their insights and practices.

NCPA & partner ArtEZ Conservatoire, office health and music 
Together with our partner ArtEZ Conservatoire, office health and music, we will organise our 3rd mini symposium April 11 2016 in the Deventer Schouwburg. The theme of the mini symposium will evolve around the implications of voice technique and muscle control in music, theatre and dance practice and performance.

Check our agenda for more information on program details and registration for these and other activities of the NCPA. Supporters have free access to our mini symposia. Find out more here.

We wish you a great summer and hope to see you soon.




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