Dancers are the supreme artists of movement and expression. Urban, ballet, contemporary. Bollywood. KrumpingJookin.  B-Girls, B-Boys. Improvisationalist. All move in 3-D, and surprise, even awe us with the power of the human body and spirit.

Dance as a profession is not for the faint of heart. It requires fierce determination and resilience, for inevitably body parts break. When injuries happen, dancers need to trust that medical professionals understand what’s at stake, to get back to stage; sooner rather than later. The best way for doctors to understand dancers is for professionals to meet, greet and learn from each other.

The Netherlands Centre Performing Arts ( NCPA) in co-operaton  with The Netherlands Institute for Sports Physicians in Training (NIOS)  collaborated to bridge the domains in a symposium day : The Sports Medicine  Aspects of Dance. Members of the NCPA from the dance profession, together with an orthopaedic surgeon, a rehabilitation physician and two sports physicians all specialised in dance provided context  and content for the next generation of sport(para) medicine experts. Dancers from ArtEZ University of the Arts provided a full performance which further enhanced the purpose and reason for the symposium: to enhance the artistic profession of the dancers of today and tomorrow.

Website NIOS (in Dutch only) link 

Credits: Derrick Brown

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