International conference BEYOND ballet why and how
featuring the special Medicine and Science Day

From April 16 to 18 2015 the city of  Arnhem will host the international conference BEYOND ballet why and how, anticipating  around 300 delegates from the fields of dance education, dance and sports medicine and science, professionals
and students.

NCPA partners with ArtEZ School of Dance and co-organiser Balletakademien
Stockholm and will  host a special Medicine and Science Day within conference on Saturday the 18th, 2015.

The aim of BEYOND is to stimulate discourse on dance and dance education in a broader social context by inviting experts from the world of dance, as well as external professionals to present their unique perspective. The education and the professional field partner up by sharing viewpoints and insights and  take solid steps towards building the dance educators and professionals of the future.

BEYOND ballet why and how can be seen as a continued professional development conference, addressing multiple themes that impact many levels of dance. The conference format facilitates content development over three days, presenting in-depth discussions and workshops that offer the opportunity to expand knowledge. This chosen format provides delegates with the chance to return to subjects through multiple day sessions, to meet with  peers in various constellations and build a network of partners.

The Medicine and Science day programme focuses on applied dance and sports science & medicine research to provide a deeper understanding of the challenges involved in the care of student and professional dancers. These special sessions will address areas of  post-op rehabilitation, patient care support, human motor control, nutrition and neuroscience. Simultaneously in the regular programme will be lectures and presentations on attentional focus in ballet training, emotionally intelligent dance training and the psychology of change.

Among the lecturers and presenters are: Professor Yiannis Koutedakis PhD, Robert van Cingel PT, PhD (managing director sports SMCP and senior researcher at the Han University of Applied Sciences, Institute of Health Studies, Nijmegen), Liane
Simmel MD, PhD (medical doctor and osteopath specialised in dance medicine at ‘Fit for Dance’ and University of Munich, founder of Tanzmedizin Deutschland) ,Gert-Jan de Haas MsC (neuropsychologist and musician, with the Medical Centre for Dancers and Musicians in The Hague and the ENT outpatient clinic for singers and musicians in Voorburg), Corné van Loon MD, PhD (orthopedic surgeon) Brendon Koolen MsC (sports psychologist and owner of Koolen Performance), adjunst professor Adrienne Stevens PhD (President and CEO of Performing HealthTM, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Bio-behavioral Sciences Department, Teachers College, Columbia University in New York, USA) and Margot Rijven (Independent senior consultant on Dancers’ Health, co-founder of the Dutch Health Care Foundation for Dancers, chair untill 2004).

The afternoon program is exclusively for ‘medicine and scienceparticipants and takes place at ArtEZ Institute of the Arts. We will start with a WONDERFULL Opening and close the afternoon with a reception. In the evening there is the optional closing diner and party of the conference.

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