Symposium Building Bridges


Building bridges between healthcare and the performing arts
Connecting education, research and practice

Attention to multidisciplinary cooperation between healthcare professionals and performing artists is on the rise and the quality of cooperative efforts is increasing. In this regard, both fields are faced with challenges in terms of developing their talent and profession. At the same time, they need each other in order to achieve adroit performance and harmonization.

The three partners involved in the National Centre Performing Arts (NCPA) – ArtEZ University of the Arts, HAN University of Applied Sciences and Sport Medisch Centrum Papendal – are organizing a symposium to enhance the interconnection between specialist healthcare, applied research and education. The programme is interactive, international and geared towards both students and professionals. The connection between higher education, current research and implementation and validation will be given a platform and contextualized.

The thematic lines of the symposium are:

  • Multidisciplinary cooperation and communication: Conceptualization and development of discourse.
  • Recognition and development of talented young professionals.
  • Research: Fundamental and applied research.

Multidisciplinary cooperation and communication. Conceptualization and development of discourse.
What do performing artists, sportspeople or healthcare professionals require in order to perform (or keep performing) optimally? What do healthcare professionals require to be able to provide optimum healthcare (prevention and recovery) to performing artists or sportspeople? From what kind of multidisciplinary cooperation in healthcare, prevention and recovery would both performing artists and healthcare professionals benefit? Understanding one another’s language, motivation and profession and ensuring constructive, high-quality cooperation therein are things that (for the time being) call for a suitable, necessary discourse, or an integrated way of working and communication.

Recognition and development of talent. Young professionals.
What does practising your profession successfully entail? How do you go on to define, measure and screen this? How are talented individuals successfully guided and challenged? Performing artists and healthcare professionals are faced with these questions both during education/training and in professional practice. In addition, we will be looking at cultural differences, access to knowledge and healthcare, and the requisite training for all professionals.

Research. Fundamental and applied.
Various types of research are being carried out in a variety of areas of expertise, and these will be brought together through the symposium. In a general sense, fundamental research is the preserve of the academic setting, higher vocational education involves applied research and individual research is carried out in higher vocational arts programmes. The objectives and methods of these types of research differ. What are these differences and agreements now that hybridization is occurring, and what will be the outcome of interconnecting these types of research?

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Date: 20 November 2017
For whom? Students, teaching staff and professionals in the performing arts and related spheres of healthcare
Location: HAN, Kapittelweg 33, Nijmegen
Language: The symposium will partly be in English and partly in Dutch
Cost: Registration mandatory, access free
Registration via the website of the HAN:  Link to Registration form

Programme partners: HAN Institute for Health Studies, Dutch Society for Dance Research (VDO), ArtEZ School of Music, Health and Music program, Codarts Professorship Performing Arts Medicine, Rijnstate Hospital Orthopaedics Partnership, National Institute of Dance, Medicine and Science (EN), INSCIENCE Filmfestival Nijmegen.

Background organizing partners
In 2014, HAN University of Applied Sciences, Sport Medisch Centrum Papendal and ArtEZ University of the Arts joined forces and set up the National Centre Performing Arts. The NCPA’s objective is to build bridges between the performing arts themselves and between the performing arts and relevant areas of expertise for the benefit of improving artistic performance. This symposium is being jointly organized by the NCPA and its network of partners.



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