Mini symposium ‘The brainpower of music’

ArtEZ School of Music, department of Music Therapy organizes in co-operation with the National Centre for Performing Arts (NCPA) the mini symposium ‘The brainpower of music’ on June 16.

The mini symposium ‘The brainpower of music’ highlights developments in the international field of neuro science and music. The focus will be on the logic of applying music from a neurological perspective to facilitate better motor, speech/language and cognitive skills. The program will explain mechanisms that can be applied to assist these improvements. Research with people with Parkinson Disease will be presented to visualize the evidence of Neurologic Music Therapy. The program offers international key note speakers Dr. Michael H. Thaut and Corene P. Hurt-Thaut.

Teachers, students, (para)medics, musicians, and interested layman are warmly invited to attend. The symposium is scheduled on June 16 from 18.00 with a walk in with sandwiches and welcoming drinks. The presentations start at 19.00 till approximately 21.00.


Dr. Michael H. ThautPhD
Dr. Thaut is an international leader in the neuroscience of music. His internationally recognized research in brain function and  music focuses on temporal information processing in the brain related to rhythmicity and biomedical applications of music to neurologic rehabilitation of cognitive and motor function. His discoveries how auditory rhythm entrains motor and cognitive functions have led to landmark changes how music has become recognized as a language of brain rehabilitation. He and his team are the originators of the clinical system of Neurologic Music Therapy which is the only evidence based form of music therapy, applied world- wide in neurorehabilitation, and endorsed by the World Federation of Neurorehabilitation. New  research directions focus on furthering the role of music in cognitive rehabilitation and pathway and complexity studies into the effects of rhythm on basal ganglia and cerebellar function to extend our mechanism understanding of auditory neuroscience in brain rehabilitation.
Dr. Thaut received the National Research Award in 1993 and the National Service Award in 2001 from the American Music Therapy Association. He has over 140 scientific publications and has authored and coauthored 4 books. His works have appeared in German, Japanese, Korean, Italian, and Spanish language. He is an elected member and former treasurer of the World Academy of Multidisciplinary Neurotraumatology, a member of the management council of the World Federation of Neurologic Rehabilitation, and serves as Vice President of the International Society for Music and Medicine. He was elected in 2007 as President of the International Society for Clinical Neuromusicology.

Corene P. Hurt-Thaut
Corene P. Hurt-Thaut is a special assistant professor of music therapy in the Department of Music Theatre and Dance at Colorado State University, a research associate at The Center for Biomedical Research in Music since 1997, and the co-founder and program director of the Unkefer Academy for Neurologic Music Therapy International Training Institutes and Fellowship Trainings for Neurologic Music Therapy since 1999. She is nationally and internationally recognized for her clinical expertise in the evidence based practice of Neurologic Music Therapy, with clinical experience including 3 ½ years as a music therapist at Wesley Woods Geriatric Hospital and the Center for Rehabilitation Medicine at Emory University Medical School in Atlanta, and 4 years as a Neurologic Music Therapist at Poudre Valley Hospital and The Center for Neurologic Rehabilitation in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Her work has included a diverse range of clinical populations including: stroke, Parkinson’s disease, traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, autism, and psychiatric disorders.  She served on the exam committee for the National Certification Board for Music Therapy (CBMT) as both a member and Committee Chair from 2001-2006, and as an elected member of the CBMT National Board of Directors from 2009-2013.  She has also served as President and Vice President of the Midwestern Region of American Music Therapy Association. Dr. Hurt-Thaut has numerous research publications in the area of music and motor control as well as ten book chapters highlighting specific applications of neurologic music therapy to her credit.

Announce your attendance
The mini symposium is free of costs. However, we would like to receive your registration before June 10, by sending an email to You will receive a confirmation mail with travel and parking information . We are looking forward to welcome you.

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